Collaborating companies

Healthcare industries

Textile and garment industries

Raw materials used

Using high-quality raw materials is of significant importance in any industry. Quality raw materials play a vital role in the production of every item, impacting its final quality and performance. Employing high-quality raw materials primarily ensures compliance with health and safety standards. If these materials meet the necessary hygiene and safety standards, they reduce the likelihood of issues such as allergies or other hazards

Production line

Shipping nationwide

We take pride in collaborating with companies established nationwide. Given the printing and packaging industry’s dependence on manufacturing sectors, we strive to minimize any interruptions in the production process to the greatest extent possible

High-quality output of work

The precision of the operator in the production process plays a crucial role in the quality of work. A meticulous and systematic operator, along with the appropriate machinery and suitable raw materials, leads to high-quality output

Suitable raw materials

In the petrochemical industry and related sectors, selecting the type of polymer based on specific characteristics is crucial for each product

Greenhouse products

Nylon taffeta is a specialized type of nylon widely employed across various industries for specific applications. This polyester-based nylon possesses distinctive characteristics tailored for particular uses.

One of the prominent features of nylon taffeta is its high resistance to heat and pressure. These properties enable it to perform well under high temperatures and substantial pressure conditions. Additionally, this type of nylon exhibits exceptional strength and aesthetics, making it suitable for creating durable and high-quality products.

The primary application of nylon taffeta lies in industries requiring materials resistant to water and capable of withstanding specific conditions. It finds extensive use in the garment industry, bag and footwear production, sports industries (such as manufacturing gym and climbing gear), and extensively in the packaging industry.

Due to its inherent qualities, including water resistance, heat, and pressure tolerance, nylon taffeta is considered an essential and versatile component across various industries. It has solidified its position as a popular and well-regarded material in diverse markets.

Not returning the color of the products

The color used in some products becomes the color of a person’s hand by dragging their hands on them, which is important for all our customers, especially those who work in the health industry.

Quality and customer satisfaction

Our biggest asset is the credibility and quality of our work before our customers

Credit that we have earned over the years due to quality and commitment

Experience beauty and quality with us

Packaging and beauty play an important role in the customer’s purchase

It analyzes the quality of the product with the beauty and quality of the packaging and the product itself

The highest quality products, if they do not have proper packaging, are considered to be of medium and low quality from the point of view of the customer